How to claim your cashback

What is Cashback

Cashback is a cash refund paid to you after you have paid for your accommodation.

TravelforBucks receives a commission from for directing potential customers to the website. TravelforBucks pays you a commission of 3-4% of your total paid accommodation. The exact percentage varies depending on the commission structure agreement that your accommodation has with

Please Note: Receiving cashback from TravelforBucks still means you get to receive any additional discounts you may have as a member of Awesome right?

The Process of Cashback

All bookings, reservations and payments are done through the search engine via TravelforBucks. on receipt of payment by you for your hotel booking, pays TravelforBucks a commission. We then pay you the commission between 3 - 4% of your hotel booking.

Use the 4 easy steps below to receive cashback



Create a Paypal account

TravelforBucks uses Paypal for all payment transactions. If you don't already have a Paypal account, you can create one using this LINK or if you dont know how to create one, see the Paypal video below.



Use our links

Use the yellow search bar on the home page of Travelforbucks to search for hotel accommodation.

For alternative accommodation travel experiences scroll down the home page and click on any of the links under the sub heading Accomodation Types with or Travel by Experience with

Please note that you can also find accommodation under World Attractions and Deals option found in the main menu.



Book your Holiday

After Step 2 you will be redirected to a page with the TravelforBucks logo on the top. Find and select the booking you want. Make your payment as per the instructions 

Make sure you can see our logo on the top of the page to ensure you qualify for cashback.

All accommodation confirmations and any queries need to be directed to who handle your booking.



Submit your Booking No.

When you have booked, will email you a confirmation mail of your booking. Included in the email is a booking number.

Use the orange Submit Form button on the top of this page or below to send your booking number to TravelforBucks. This is necessary so that TravelforBucks can link your commission to booking number. 

TravelforBucks will send you a confirmatry email. Read below for payment

Remember, to qualify for cashback our logo needs to be on the top of pages.


How to receive payments

TravelforBucks uses Paypal for all payment transactions. Paypal is one of the safest and secure international online payment systems. In order for you to receive your cashback you need a Paypal account.
It is very easy to set-up a Paypal account watch the video to learn how.

Once receieves their commission from the hotel, then pays 60 days later a commission to TravelforBucks. When this commission is received by TravelforBucks we pay between 3 - 4% to your paypal account within 48 hours.

Paypal's fees apply. See Paypal link HERE